Harness Hero NZ

I chose the Hero programme because I love Standardbreds and these guys have a great reputation. I wanted something that had a bit of time spent with it and I wasn’t disappointed. We had a few settling in issues and the HERO team were amazing. So supportive, helpful, and super knowledgeable- they went out of their way to ensure that we had everything we needed to make this a success. The backup they offered was beyond any expectations and I am happy to say I am in love with Cash (Smithy) and we are loving getting to know each other. I can’t recommend the HERO programme enough. These horses are amazing, so willing to please and will try anything for you. Thanks team for making this journey an amazing one!
Louise Robinson
I love this boy. He has become my best friend and we have the most amazing partnership ever. He had the absolute best schooling and is the easiest and safest horse I have ever ridden. I love him so much- thanks team HERO!
Tirzah Su
Lone Star Lad
Toby enjoys the company of his three horse brothers, two of which are also standardbreds. He loves exploring new places and has spent time in the forest, chilling at the river, riding round the roads and climbing the hills at a nearby station. Toby is also learning classical dressage with tutor Sally Thorne, and there's the prospect of some competitive trail riding in the future. Most of all Toby enjoys being part of the family and is always the first to greet you at the gate, especially if you have a feed bucket. I couldn’t be happier with my HERO horse Toby and would recommend a HERO horse to anybody looking to meet their next forever friend.
Liz Bishop
Chazza is my HERO- he is a gentle giant. He adores cuddles and pats. I have been doing groundwork with Chazza for a while now to help him with his coordination. It’s working as he can now trot and canter quite well and enjoys galloping through the paddocks. I have recently given his forelock a trim as you can probably see in his photo! His favourite thing in the whole world is rolling in mud. At least it isn’t too noticeable because of his bay coat.
Gracie Bonasich
Hello HERO family- this weekend the Mighty Mitch completed his first three day gruelling trek deep in the mountains of Marlborough! I am so pleased with how well he handled it- 45 horses, treacherous terrain, extreme ups and downs, rain and if course horses playing up at various times. This sweet horse of mine just put his head down and got on with his job, I even led a horse off him on the last day. I adore him! Mitch has also had his first lesson with none other than Melissa Galloway (NZ's top Grand Prix dressage rider). He tried his heart out and Melissa had so many positive things to say about this special boy- proud Mum I am!
Mandy Henn
Dr Cliff
My beautiful Standardbred Regge is five years old and a complete goober. He does a bit of everything; he has turned his hoof to dressage and got reserve champion of a five show series. His favourite pastime is rounding up the stock and chasing the farm bike when it's harrowing. Reggie is great for my complete novice friends, he does anything that's asked and just plods along, looking after his passenger. He loves his food and everyone else's. He grabs the handle of their bucket and takes it away, once he's finished he flings it over the fence. I love my HERO Standardbred, and think everyone should have one.
Anita Whiteley
Love Watching
Hey HERO family. Just popping in to show you Billie Bear! Absolutely adoring selfies and being lazy. I love him so much.
Jordie Stott
Hi HERO Family We just had a fine weather period in Queenstown which combined with school holidays was great for some more regular activities with our lovely Lyra who has now been with us for a good three months. Since recently we have the opportunity to ride in the big paddock which is also used by the Wakatipu Pony Club and has a few logs for jumping. Lyra thoroughly enjoys jumping! Last Friday Felix went to a cross country clinic with Elise Edwards-Smith at Cromwell race course which gave both a big confidence boost. They both enjoyed it and tried their heart out under the amazing guidance of Elise. We love our little mare! Cheers from Queenstown
Ulrich Glasner
Extreme Robyn