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NRM and McMillian Equine Feeds

NRM and McMillan equine feeds are proud to support the HERO programme and are especially excited to help these fabulous equine athletes into a new stage of their career by providing them with nutritional support as they transition from race track to the arena.

We provide each HERO Educator with specific diet analysis using our online software KER Microsteed. Equine Nutrition specialist Fiona Gillies visits the new horses when they enter the programme, discusses the feeding program with each trainer and makes any necessary adjustments. We also provide the new owners with ongoing nutritional support for their HERO graduate.

NRM and McMillan Equine feeds are 100% NZ owned and use only NZ grown grains, backed up by our technical partners Kentucky Equine Research (KER) the world leaders in equine nutrition we have a solution for every equine athlete to ensure the best nutrition for your horse.

If you would like a free diet appraisal please get in touch with any of our team of specialists nationwide https://nrm.co.nz/our-experts/ or email Fiona directly Fiona.gillies@nrm.co.nz we are happy to help. Our websites are full of useful information, you can find them here www.nrm.co.nz or www.mcmillanequine.co.nz

Fiona Gillies- Equine Nutritionist

Seahorse Supplements

Seahorse Supplements is a Canterbury business specialising in the digestive health of horses.

Our products are designed using only proven ingredients and are recommended by vets and used nationwide by owners and trainers of horses across all disciplines. We are passionate about finding a solution to support your horse and are always available to help.

Maxia Complete and Maxia Digest is used as part of the HERO horse’s transitioning diet from track to hack.

Maxia Digest is a combination of superior, researched ingredients known to support the overall digestive health of your horse to achieve optimal function.

Suitable for horses who may require gastro-intestinal support to ensure appropriate digestive conditions. It also aids nutrient absorption to help with top line, overall body condition, hoof quality, coat shine and equine immunity.

The ingredients included in Maxia Digest have been selected to benefit the horse through these key aspects:

Maxia Complete is a 100% organic, natural, and slow acting pH buffer derived from red marine algae to help control and reduce acidity in the gut. Suitable for horses who may be at risk of gastric irritation or sensitivity due to racing, travelling, high grain diets, changes in feeding, heavy workloads, competing, etc.

As the horse’s stomach empties, the sensitive mucosa is protected against erosion from the normal acid that is constantly secreted into the gut

Lillian Bonner DVM: Integrated Veterinary Care

The HERO programme is extremely grateful to use the services of Integrated Veterinarian and Bodyworker, Lillian Bonner.

Lillian Bonner offers Integrative Veterinary Therapy, Animal Biomechanical Medicine (manual therapy, high velocity and functional adjustments, fascial therapy, rehabilitation), Reiki and Conventional Veterinary Diagnostics and therapy. Lillian is a veterinarian who has a wealth of knowledge in Equine Veterinary Medicine gained from years of working in the horse industry after graduating from Clemson University.

Working with horses led her to study Veterinary Medicine at University of Georgia. Lillian worked in Equine Referral Hospitals in the USA throughout her studies, then completed an internship in the large animal hospital at UGA. She then came to New Zealand where she worked with as an Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian with pleasure, sport horses, and racehorses in training. She also served as a Racing Integrity Unit Veterinarian.

Watch Lillian Bonner in action:
Josh Whittaker Equine Dental NZ

Josh has been an Equine Dentist for the past 4 years after Training in Melbourne at Equine Dental Australia Association for 18 months.

He has many good clients in the Canterbury Area and also travels to the North Island every three months to do some of the biggest racing teams up there.

Josh is 24 years of age and is also a Junior Driver in Harness Racing and drove for a season before heading to Melbourne to study his Dentistry. He has had two wins to date and still trains his own horse in the mornings early, before heading off to work.

Josh has grown up in a Harness Racing Stable along with pursuing many Equestrian disciplines over the years including Eventing, Show Jumping and Polo. Josh competed in Show Jumping to Junior Rider level and jumped in Junior Rider of the Year at Horse of the Year.

VetSouth Veterinarian Services

VetSouth is proud to support the HERO programme. VetSouth services the Southland and Otago region with eight clinics including Winton, Gore, Invercargill (main equine facilities), Balclutha, Tapanui, Clydevale, Lumsden, and Otautau. With a veterinarian on call 24/7 and after-hours collection service, the VetSouth team are always there when you need them.

Phone: 0800 VETSOUTH
Email: contactus@vetsouth.co.nz
Web: vetsouth.co.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vetsouthnz